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Visual Word Plays Performance-Costumes-Games for Workshops & Events

The Ridiculous is Sublime​ 

​The interplay between textual and visual modes of expression is intriguing. Visual Word Plays (TM) is the result of this intriguing exploration. Playing in the realms of the absurd and the ridiculous leads to surprising subversions.  

Eugenia Pigassiou

I have been creating visual word plays, and costumes since 1992. It started with my costume, Boob Tube in the 1992 New York Halloween Parade which was featured in the book Masked Culture, The Greenwich Village Halloween Parade.

Visual word play costumes are featured in performances I create for special events including A.I.R. Gallery Currents Exhibit, LIC Arts Open Salon Exhibit, Flux Factory's Humorgous Smorgashbord Art Exhibition, QED Astoria, Ronald McDonald House, Stanley Isaacs Community Center.

I have worn my visual word play costumes at events including NYC Earth Day in Central Park. NYC Fashion Week in Bryant Part, NYC Dance Parade, and the NYC Comic Strip Comedy Club (Holiday Party for Comedians).

Creativity workshops are fun for me to develop and present at community centers. 

​PUN-RADES (TM) is a game I developed where a person acts out a visual word play and participants try to guess that word play.


2018 - The Real Fake News - NYC Women's March (Jan)

2017 - Pussy Grabs Back - A.I.R. Gallery - Currents Exhibition (Jan)

2017 - Victoria's Secret Santa - LIC Arts Open - Bad Santa's Grotto (Dec)

2017 - Fashion WeAk - LIC Arts Open Fall Salon Exhibit (Nov)

2017 – Body of Work in Regress – Flux Factory, Humorgous Smorgasbord Exhibit (Sept)

2017 – Pussy Grabs Back – NYC Woman’s March (March)

2016 – Project Run-A-Way - QED Astoria, NY

2015 – Body of Work in Regress – QED Astoria, NY

2008 – present – Therapeutic Recreation Workshops (self expression through multi-media arts and crafts and theater games) created and presented to groups at various centers in Manhattan (and some in Queens) for people with special needs including seniors.

2008 – present - PunRades ™ - Visual Word Play Game - created and presented at centers as part of therapeutic recreation programs.

 2007 – Old Bag Can Recycle – NYC Earth Day/Central Park – Street Performance

2007 – Does This Make Me Look Fat – Fashion Week, Bryant Park – Street Performance

2006 - Xstream of Consciousness – NYC Dance Parade

2005 – 2007 – Cookee Pookee - Interactive Clowning for children at Ronald McDonald House

 2005 -Victoria’s Secret Santa – NYC Comic Strip – Comedian’s Holiday Party

1994 - Boob Tube – Masked Culture, The Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, Jack Kugelmass,  Columbia University Press

 1992 - Boob Tube – NYC Halloween Parade

Prior 1992 – various creative projects including improvisational theatre, light sculpture, commercial decorative painting, abstract expressionist painting and drawing, dioramas, documentary (NY Shines- about street shoe shiners aired on public access television).

Business experience includes Internet marketing, health and fitness, recreational therapy, graphic production management.

Education: MA Communications (Thesis: Culture Impact of Internet 1993-1995)

B.S. Management including fine and commercial art and art history (1986)